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Order Plain and Simple Design Checks Online

Personal checks in Plain and Simple Designs, Patterns, and Textures for sale online in a variety of styles. Most of these styles are value-priced for those who are looking for the cheapest option.

Yellow Safety Checks

A stylish classic basketweave pattern; simple but stylish. Starting at $6.99 a box.

Plain Parchment Checks

A simple, classy pattern sure to create a lasting impression, starting at $6.99 a box.

Paisley Pattern Personal Checks

Four rotating images offering a tranquil experience every time you use these checks!

Swirls Design Checks

A beautiful swirl pattern backed by four rotating color backgrounds, this simple check design is surprisingly delightful.

BLUE Safety Checks

Pale blue basketweave background, starting at $6.99 a box.

Green Safety Checks

Value priced personal checks.

Pink Safety Checks

Classic basket weave pattern, only $6.99 a box.

Plain Blue Marble Checks

Simple but elegant light blue background marble pattern shows style and class. One-Part is $ 6.99 a box, and duplicates are only $3.00 more.

Burgundy Marble Checks

$6.99 per box for singles, and $9.99 per box for duplicates.

Stylin' Personal Checks

Simple red and gray style, starting at $6.99 a box.

Polka Dot Personal Checks

Dots! Everybody loves the dots! They just bring a smile to your face when you write out a check.

Argyle Pattern Personal Checks

A fresh take on our classic Argyle design with a more intricate design, while still offering the same relaxing style.

Chocolate Striped Checks

These new Chocolate Stripes Personal checks are a colorful and elegant new design that is sure to please.

Colorful Circles Personal Checks

A fun a colorful pattern of overlapping circles that anyone can enjoy.

Hearts Design Personal Checks

4 different designs. Share the love with every check you write.

Pinstripe Personal Checks

These Pinstriped Style Checks have 4 different colored backgrounds.